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We are Punter Southall Law, a London-based corporate law firm that serves businesses and other organisation types in the UK and abroad.

We help thousands of people and companies picture what tomorrow can look like.

Meet the Punter Southall Law team

We are a team of experienced and committed lawyers focused on our clients’ needs.
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Our Mission & Values

Rooted in our core principles, Punter Southall Law is dedicated to delivering exceptional legal services through innovation, adaptability, and collaborative excellence.

Innovative Legal Solutions

We’re founded on innovation, addressing our clients’ needs with fresh, bespoke legal strategies. Our commitment to exploring and discovering new opportunities ensures we provide cutting-edge solutions.

Adaptive Growth

Our adaptability in the dynamic legal landscape has propelled our growth and profitability. By staying responsive to market changes, we’ve continuously expanded our services, aligning our evolution with the needs of our clients.

Professional Network

As part of a diverse professional services group, we leverage a wide range of expertise. This synergy enhances our ability to tackle complex legal challenges, offering our clients comprehensive solutions across various sectors.

The Punter Southall Group

Punter Southall Law is part of the Punter Southall Group

Our Group’s range of companies and services has developed alongside the needs of our clients, the changing regulatory landscape and also the wider trends we see across society. When we identify opportunities to add value, we work with our clients to develop services that will deliver their goals.

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