Blake O’Donnell


After graduating with first-class honours in law from University College Dublin, Blake O’Donnell joined A&L Goodbody, a prestigious Irish firm. Over the course of 15 years, Blake’s career path led him through esteemed institutions and the establishment of his own legal practice, all focused on the intersection of law and finance.

Blake’s expertise lies in banking and blockchain, with a particular emphasis on real estate transactions and digital assets. With transactions exceeding £1.6 billion in value across various jurisdictions, including the UK, USA, France, Sweden, and Ireland, Blake has garnered a reputation as a leading authority in his field.

Blake brings a comprehensive understanding of both the legal and financial aspects of his practice areas. He approaches his work not only as a lawyer but also as a strategic advisor, providing invaluable insights into the financial implications of legal decisions. Blake’s involvement spans structuring complex financings, advising on regulatory compliance in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape, and providing strategic counsel to clients ranging from investment funds to high-net-worth individuals.

Blake is also the author of “Legal Aspects of Cryptocurrency in the UK” (Bloomsbury 2024). This authoritative work explores the legal complexities surrounding cryptocurrency, offering in-depth analysis of regulatory frameworks, compliance requirements, and taxation implications.

Blake O’Donnell’s expertise in banking and digital assets positions him as a trusted advisor and thought leader in these rapidly evolving fields.