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Marketing & Business Development

At Punter Southall Law, we understand the importance of robust marketing and business development support for our legal professionals.

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Professional marketing support

Our comprehensive full-mix marketing approach ensures that you can have the tools and resources needed to build and maintain a strong professional presence whilst also doing lots of the heavy lifting for you.

Leverage the expertise of Punter Southall Law’s marketing and social media team, a resource dedicated to elevating your professional profile and outreach. We also work alongside the wider Punter Southall Group marketing function.

We offer tailored support in various key areas:

  • Professional profile drafting: Assistance in crafting a compelling professional profile that highlights your unique expertise and experience.
  • Joining announcements: Strategic announcements to publicise your new association with Punter Southall Law.
  • Deal announcements: Showcase your successful deals and milestones with our targeted announcement strategies.
  • Contact notification: Support in effectively communicating your move to Punter Southall Law to your professional network.
  • Media relations: Expert guidance in building and maintaining media relationships to enhance your market presence.
  • Legal directories: Guidance and support in submissions to The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners directories.
  • Social proof: Guidance on how to maximise your online testimonials that can be displayed on the Punter Southall Law website and elsewhere online.

Content (Legal Insights & Case Studies)

We actively publish and promote content created by our consultants, other fee-earners and third-party content experts, showcasing the wealth of expertise available at Punter Southall Law.

Your legal insights posts demonstrate your deep expertise, while case studies, enriched with qualitative social proof, illustrate this expertise in action through real-life examples, reinforcing your reputation as a leader in the legal field.

Punter Southall Law’s legal marketing consultant can work with you to reduce the time it takes you to produce content, freeing up more of your time to serve your clients.

Business development expertise

Moving beyond marketing, our focus shifts to empowering your business development with specialised expertise and support.

  • Expert Advice: Gain access to expert business development advice, helping you navigate and excel in your client acquisition and retention strategies.
  • Pitch and Proposal Support: Receive assistance in creating persuasive pitches and proposals, tailored to your client’s needs and objectives.
  • Presentation Skills: Enhance your presentation skills with our resources and guidance, ensuring you make a lasting impact in client meetings and industry events.

Internal referrals

Our position within the Punter Southall Group, with 4 decades of collaborative working  allows for internal client referrals from both within Punter Southall Law and Group businesses such as:

  • Punter Southall Analytics: Specialising in financial evidence, Punter Southall Analytics processes data at scale, combining analytical capabilities with extensive expertise to support corporates and consumers.
  • Punter Southall Pension Solutions: Focused on developing new products for pension schemes, Punter Southall Pension Solutions leverages deep actuarial experience and the PSG brand to innovate in the pension market
  • Guardian: With a history dating back to 1821, Guardian redefines protection insurance, focusing on delivering policies through financial advisers with a commitment to making life better for families

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Over the next few years, we are aiming to recruit lawyers whose outlook, attitudes and values complement each other in what is a unique proposition.

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Neil Aronson Legal Recruitment

Neil Aronson

Head of Talent Acquisition

Neil Aronson is the Head of Talent Acquisition at Punter Southall Law. Neil has 25 years’ experience of the legal market, both in terms of legal practice and recruitment. He started life as a corporate lawyer at Herbert Smith and then with Mcgrigors (formerly KLegal), before moving into legal recruitment. For the last 18 years Neil has specialised in placing partners and teams at many of the world’s leading international law firms. Neil joined Punter Southall Law in 2024 from a leading recruitment firm where he spent 10 successful years.

Neil was admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales in 2000. 

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