Onboarding your existing clients

Onboarding your existing clients

Our Admin Team and Punter Southall’s Central Business Unit assist joiners in relation to all aspects of the move.

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Efficient & compliant client onboarding

A detailed Consultants Manual is provided which addresses all aspects of being a Consultant at Punter Southall Law, with links and practical “how to” videos.

The Punter Southall Law Compliance and Regulation team will assist you with the transfer of your existing clients and active matters to Punter Southall Law.

  • Conflict Checks
  • Client Verification
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Client Due Diligence
  • Engagement/Client Care Letter
  • Terms of Business
  • GDPR support

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In the fast changing world of legal services, we are recruiting lawyers whose outlook, attitudes and values complement each other in what is a unique proposition.

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Neil Aronson Legal Recruitment

Neil Aronson

Head of Talent Acquisition

Neil Aronson is the Head of Talent Acquisition at Punter Southall Law. Neil has 25 years’ experience of the legal market, both in terms of legal practice and recruitment. He started life as a corporate lawyer at Herbert Smith and then with Mcgrigors (formerly KLegal), before moving into legal recruitment. For the last 18 years Neil has specialised in placing partners and teams at many of the world’s leading international law firms. Neil joined Punter Southall Law in 2024 from a leading recruitment firm where he spent 10 successful years.

Neil was admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales in 2000. 

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