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We are a fast-growing business focused law firm that emphasises excellence whilst also maintaining a flexible environment and encouraging our people to thrive.

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What our lawyers say

Punter Southall Law serves as the perfect incubator for any skilled lawyer to further develop their practice. Don’t just take our word for it though. Read what our team of solicitors have to say about their time with us.

First-Class Legal Practice and Administrative Support Team

After partnership at a top London law firm, I then worked in and co-managed a specialist corporate law firm for over 16 years. I was keen that any move would…

Jonathan Dawe Lawyer

Jonathan Dawe

Corporate Partner, Punter Southall Law

Referrals From Colleagues Have Been Immediate and Numerous

I joined Punter Southall Law to be part of building a financial services sector focused firm keen to foster a deep sense of community. Referrals from colleagues have been immediate…

Adam Fortune Lawyers

Adam Fortune

Commercial Litigator, Punter Southall Law

Extremely high calibre professionals 

I joined PSL for a number of reasons. It is part of the Punter Southall Group and established financial and corporate advisory firm with an extremely strong reputation. As a…

Blake O'Donnell Lawyer

Blake O’Donnell

Partner, Punter Southall Law

A fresh approach to consultancy for lawyers

When the opportunity presented itself to practice law in a different way, Punter Southall seized it. Bringing together seasoned lawyers determined to focus even more closely on their advisory expertise, freed from the burdens of an outdated partnership model.

Our team continues to expand because our colleagues guide, support and bill clients as they see fit, not by targets dictated to them from above.

What makes us unique in the legal world is the direct backing of a respected financial and professional services brand which has thrived for four decades by taking this same innovative path.

Join us to go even further for your clients and career.

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Freedom to shape your consultancy practice

Lawyers value, perhaps more than most, the strength of relationships, especially those tested by the kind of risks and challenges we routinely overcome for clients.

Punter Southall has been forged on those same, lasting, trusted connections with the companies, trustees and individuals fostered since 1988.

What unifies this diverse skill set in different markets is our ability to shape a pragmatic, creative way forward in sectors almost always characterised by the conventional.

This singular approach informed the founding of Punter Southall Law in 2019 as an alternative business structure. We saw the advantages this would bring and, given our development, we are confident you do, too.

Fitting in with you

We’re building the type of firm entrepreneurial lawyers want to work in, with those relationships and trust at its heart.

We are building, by design, a team of highly skilled colleagues and like-minded people who complement each other.

You have built your own client relationships and we are offering the opportunity for you to build them further still.

We trust our lawyers to do what they are good at and enjoy the most: working alongside clients to deliver on their objectives in a way that suits them.

The benefits of becoming part of the London-based Punter Southall Group

The Punter Southall Group consists of several professional service-providing businesses. Together, we offer corporate & commercial clients unique advantages through our collaborative network.

This affiliation allows for a multidisciplinary approach, where legal expertise is complemented by a wealth of knowledge across various sectors when it is called for. Our lawyers and their clients benefit from this synergy, receiving comprehensive solutions that are both legally sound and strategically astute.

Collaboration is not just a buzzword at Punter Southall, it’s our ethos.

Visit Punter Southall Group to learn more about the Group and the businesses that form it.

Designing a new legal future

By coming on board, you’ll be part of a growing team already seeing the advantages of this new direction in all its aspects.

This means no figure to hit for chargeable hours or WIP because we are established on the basis of trust and know that you will deliver for your existing clients and those you’ll be able to develop through joining us.

Enjoy the benefit of our prestigious London premises  

We also appreciate that, when it suits, you may want to work from our modern offices on the Strand, 11 Strand, London WC2N 5HR. a few steps from Charing Cross rail and underground. As well as the quality of meeting facilities, administration and IT that you will be used to, there is the option to work alongside and mix with other experienced professionals with over 40 years of combined intellectual capital and experience in meeting clients needs.

Here, you can get to know both your colleagues and those in the wider group as well as meet your clients.

Begin your consultant solicitor journey with Punter Southall Law

We continue to recruit lawyers whose outlook, attitudes and values complement each other in what is a unique proposition.

If this appeals to you, we’d love to tell you more about where we see you in Punter Southall Law.    

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Neil Aronson Legal Recruitment

Neil Aronson

Head of Talent Acquisition

Neil Aronson is the Head of Talent Acquisition at Punter Southall Law. Neil has 25 years’ experience of the legal market, both in terms of legal practice and recruitment. He started life as a corporate lawyer at Herbert Smith and then with Mcgrigors (formerly KLegal), before moving into legal recruitment. For the last 18 years Neil has specialised in placing partners and teams at many of the world’s leading international law firms. Neil joined Punter Southall Law in 2024 from a leading recruitment firm where he spent 10 successful years.

Neil was admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales in 2000. 


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