How to become a consultant lawyer in London and the UK

How to become a consultant lawyer in the UK

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The legal profession in the UK is witnessing a transformative shift towards more flexible and autonomous ways of working. The rise of the consultant lawyer model offers legal professionals an alternative pathway to traditional employment, blending the independence of self-employment with the support and infrastructure of established firms.

What is a consultant lawyer?

Consultant lawyers, sometimes referred to as freelance or self-employed solicitors, operate under the umbrella of a law firm but with the freedom to set their own hours, choose their clients and decide where they work. This model not only offers greater work-life balance but also the potential for higher earnings, as consultants typically retain a significant portion of their billings.

The benefits of becoming a consultant lawyer in the UK

Choosing the consultancy route comes with numerous advantages:

  • Flexibility and autonomy: Set your own schedule and work from anywhere, tailoring your work-life balance to your personal needs.
  • Increased earnings potential: With the ability to keep a high percentage of your billings, your financial success is directly tied to your effort and client base.
  • Support without the overheads: Benefit from the firm’s marketing, administrative and compliance support without the burden of managing a practice.

How to make the transition and become a consultant lawyer in the UK

The path to becoming a consultant lawyer requires careful planning and execution.

Success as a consultant lawyer hinges on your ability to attract and retain clients. Leverage your existing network and take advantage of the firm’s business development support to grow your practice.

To truly begin, start by researching umbrella firms that align with your area of expertise and values. Reach out to these firms to discuss potential collaboration, ensuring there’s a mutual fit. If you are already considering joining Punter Southall Law, visit About Us to learn more about what drives us.

Research is a key element when deciding which law firm to align your consultant lawyer business with

Whilst researching your chosen firms, learn the terms for the arrangement, including support services, fee structures and any other pertinent details. Before making the transition, give notice to your current firm in accordance with your contractual obligations.

Finally, embark on your new journey with the chosen firm, leveraging their support and network to build your consultancy practice.

Is consultancy right for you?

For those considering this dynamic and evolving career path, the journey to becoming a consultant lawyer in the UK is one of opportunity, empowerment and professional growth.

Before making the leap, consider whether the consultant model aligns with your career goals and working style.

  • Are you comfortable with the entrepreneurial aspects of managing your own practice?
  • Do you have a solid network to build upon?
  • Are you ready for the fluctuating income that can come with self-employment?

Learn more about becoming a consultant lawyer with London-based Punter Southall Law

If you answered yes to these questions then becoming a consultant lawyer might be the next best step in your career journey and Punter Southall Law wants to hear from you.

Visit Join Us to find out more about the benefits of becoming a consultant lawyer with Punter Southall Law or Contact Us to arrange a no-commitment initial discussion.

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